What is Diode Laser Sculpting, and How Will it Help Me?

Diets and exercise don’t always cut it. When you’re struggling with unwanted body fat, there are many reasons why “just eat fewer calories and work out more” isn’t a magic answer. As we get older, there are certain areas that just don’t seem to slim down, no matter how hard we try.

Enter diode laser sculpting. This non-invasive, non-surgical body-contouring technique can permanently destroy unwanted fat cells. It’s safe, easy and can provide full results within three months.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to fat forever, diode laser sculpting could change your life. Here’s the FAQs:

How does diode laser sculpting work?

This type of body-contouring treatment is performed with the help of lasers. Your session will last about 25 minutes, and you’ll stay awake the entire time. While you relax, your doctor will place applicators with laser diodes onto what you determine are your “problem areas.” The lasers penetrate underneath the skin’s surface to your fat cells.

As the lasers reach your fat cells, they puncture the membranes. Water, fatty acids and glycerol are released into your body. Your lymphatic system will flush them out. Over the course of your sessions, the fat cells in these problem areas will shrink and virtually disappear.

Diode laser sculpting is an excellent—and safer—alternative to traditional liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction, you’ll experience no downtime or recovery period. Your skin is unharmed, too. Only the fat cells will be affected.

Not everyone is a good candidate for diode laser sculpting; however, for many patients, this method can help you look and feel great. Visible results appear within two to six weeks, with full results in just three months.

Is diode laser sculpting safe?

Yes. Diode laser sculpting has been studied and has been shown to be safe. This study reports that patients saw a reduction in the affected fat layers and that diode laser sculpting “can consistently reduce the fat contour in the abdomen with an excellent safety profile in all skin types.”

Better yet, there are very few side effects. The study’s authors concluded that side effects are “mild to moderate including edema, tenderness, and induration mostly resolving within 1-3 weeks post treatment. No serious adverse events were reported.”

How can diode laser sculpting help me?

Diode laser sculpting is best for those who are within 25 pounds of their ideal body weight. The treatment targets specific areas, so it should not be used for general weight loss. It’s best for smaller places where you’d like to reduce fat, such as in the belly, flanks or thighs.

The treatment eradicates fat in these areas, providing an overall slimmer appearance that can’t be achieved by diet and exercise alone. Of course, you have to keep eating well and working out. Laser sculpting doesn’t prevent you from gaining weight or generating new fat cells, but, for most candidates, it’s a way to finally get rid of stubborn fat deposits.

If you’re interested in trying diode laser sculpting, call Spa’ Mazing Beauty and Wellness for an appointment today.