Five Benefits of Body Contouring

The appearance of your skin is important. As we age, sun exposure, genetics and even weight loss have an impact on skin’s ability to “bounce back” and tightly hug the body. Many people are turning to body contouring to address stubborn excess skin that otherwise will only get worse over time.

So, what is body contouring? And what are the benefits of body contouring? Read on to learn how this procedure can leave you looking and feeling better.

What is body contouring?

Non-invasive body contouring is also known as non-surgical fat removal. There are a variety of techniques, including state-of-the-art ultrasonic cavitation, all with the same goal: to remove unwanted, sagging skin. It’s especially effective for people who’ve lost weight and are dealing with skin that hasn’t bounced back to completely conform to the body’s newer, smaller shape. It’s a pain-free process that provides many more benefits aside from removing extra skin. They include:

  • Improved everyday comfort: Excess skin not only affects your body’s overall appearance—it even affects how you feel. Luckily, you don’t have to spend more time dealing with chafing, pulling or jiggling. Getting rid of excess skin makes even simple exercises and daily tasks like walking, bending and standing up much easier and more painless. Many people claim to feel the difference immediately after their procedure.
  • Targeting several areas with one procedure: Since body contouring is non-invasive and doesn’t stress the body, you can target many areas of your body during a single procedure, depending on the extent of service you need. This makes body contouring ideal for people who’ve lost a significant amount of weight, because they’re more likely to have several areas of excess skin throughout the body. Even a single procedure like a lower body lift will effectively remove excess skin from the thighs and midsection, greatly improving appearance and comfort.
  • Safety: Body contouring isn’t a new field—the procedures have been safely performed for decades. Moreover, technology is constantly being refined to make the procedures more effective. Always be sure to work with licensed and certified practitioners with a long track record of success when performing these procedures.
  • Remove stubborn areas effectively: Some people turn to lotions or wraps to improve the appearance of excess skin, but this is only a temporary solution. For many people seeking body contouring procedures, stubborn areas like beneath the upper arms and lower abdomen can be perfected in a way that topicals and other less-effective options just can’t match.
  • Long-lasting results: Body contouring is permanent and, in most cases, provides superior results when compared to other options. Say goodbye to inches of excess skin and expect results to last a lifetime.

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