What Should I Expect During an Anti-Aging Facial?

No matter how gracefully we age, we all want to look as beautiful as possible. Even simply looking and feeling better about ourselves during our mature years can be a boost in confidence. Of course, age is but a number. Still, that doesn’t mean we can try to lower the number that the people around us guess as our age and keep soft, supple skin into our later years.

What to expect in an anti-aging facial

Basically speaking, many facials begin with cleansing your skin and pores on a deep level. Facial specialists also aim to remove traces of built-up makeup, greasiness, and dead skin cells. Whiteheads and blackheads should also get treated. A spa staff member will evaluate your specific type of skin to decide the kind of hydration, exfoliation, and replenishment to suit your skin needs.

Most specialists will consider your typical sun exposure, environment, and your usual skincare routine in determining how to proceed with the facial. A specialist might recommend a facial massage, chemical peel, or serums to rejuvenate damaged skin and bring it to a restored state.

Anti-aging facials specifically cater to mature and maturing skin. Although you may not see lines or wrinkles with the naked eye, these transformations start at a microscopic level. If you can "get ahead" of these issues by beginning an anti-aging skin care regimen before you hit your forties, you can enjoy younger-looking skin in the long term.

Although a chemical peel might sound scary, it’s an approachable treatment. It simply removes dead skin cells more quickly than nature to reveal the fresh skin underneath. By speeding up the skin cell turnover process, you can take years off your face and limit the visible effects of sun damage. This can also lessen the appearance of mild scarring, wrinkles, and fine lines. Topical treatments that include collagen peptides can assist with collagen production underneath the outermost layers of skin. During an anti-aging facial treatment, collagen peptides can help make fine lines and wrinkles appear less prominent. They can also contribute to smoother, bouncier skin throughout the face.

What Is an Anti-Aging Facial?

As discussed in Derm Collective’s article, "Anti-Aging Facials: What They Are and How They Work," anti-aging facials are one component of a "larger strategy to maintain a youthful appearance by preventing and counteracting the damaging effects of time on skin." Facials like these tackle declining collagen and elastin in the skin, decrease the darkness of hyperpigmentation, hydrate on a profound level, and lightly exfoliate to bring life back into the skin’s appearance.

"Anti-aging facial" is an over-arching term that refers to a wide range of facials. This includes hydrating facials, collagen facials, exfoliating facials, light therapy facials, microdermabrasion facials, and more. The main thing that these facials have in common is their goal to reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation while infusing a healthy glow into tired, maturing skin.