What Do I Need To Know About Electromagnetic Muscle Training?

Irrespective of your sport, recovery from tough training is crucial. While recovery from training can be enhanced by rest, sleep, and appropriate programming, options like EMS can provide physiological and physiological aid to the lifters. Furthermore, serious sportspersons can use EMS to enhance muscle activation before training sessions and even increase muscular strength and contraction rates without placing external loads on the body.

What is electromagnetic muscle training? 

Electric muscle training, also referred to as neuromuscular electrical stimulation, is a method of triggering muscle activity by applying an electrical current. 

What are the benefits of electromagnetic muscle training?

Below are the main benefits of electrical muscle stimulation and why athletes or coaches can find EMS beneficial for recovery and performance.

  • Stimulates muscular blood flow. Electrical Muscle Stimulation increases blood flow to muscle tissues more so when carried out at lower frequencies. 
  • Enhanced muscular strength and power. While electrical muscle stimulation is not a viable substitute for strength and power training, it is effective at increasing strength and muscular contraction rates in athletes. This can be useful for sportsmen during rehabilitation stages, as it stimulates and reeducates muscle fibers and builds strength without high amounts of external loading. 
  • Reduced muscle pain. Some studies have shown that following electrical muscle stimulation protocols, athletes reported reduced muscle pain without any intervention. Sportspersons with lower pain can often train harder and recover faster, leading to increased training sessions and promoting performance outcomes.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation improves psychological recovery. EMS has been shown to improve the psychological and perceived recovery of athletes. This is important because an athlete who feels recovered often trains harder and yields greater outcomes.

Ways of Integrating electrical muscle stimulation in your everyday routine

The following are effective ways of integrating Electrical Muscle Stimulation into your routine to enhance recovery, reduce muscle pain, and improve general strength and performance.

  • Initiate recovery after intense training: Although recovery relies on factors such as sleep, rest, sound programming, caloric intake, etc., athletes and coaches can use the PowerDot and EMS to begin the recovery process. 
  • Wear during or after long-distance travel: Sitting for lengthy durations in airplanes, trains, cars, etc. can cause havoc on your body. Traveling back and forth from work, to and from competitions, or even on long flights can substantially intensify muscular and joint stiffness and inflammation. Electrical muscle stimulation can assist in restoring circulation and reduce muscle pain or spasms with less frequency.
  • Enhance muscle activation during and before workouts: EMS increases muscle activation and tone which helps in recruiting more muscle units, boosting performance. 
  • Integrate into your recovery and rest day: Recovery days are critical to injury prevention and general performance. Whereas passive rest is an ideal beginning to the process, strategies like light exercise and EMS have been shown to speed recovery. Together with the PowerDot, you can enhance recovery as you carry out chores or just relax with a drink.