What Are Tips To Prepare My Skin for Fall?

How do I prepare my skin for fall? With the warm air soon to be moving out and fall slowly making its way through cooler temperatures, your skin can definitely take a toll. Cooler air brings a drop in humidity which can make your skin dry. Additionally, heaters and radiators can also affect the air that surrounds you. To help keep your skin looking and feeling its best before falling, continue reading for tips on avoiding some of the most common types of skin issues.

Tips To Prepare Your Skin for Fall

What ways can I prepare my skin for fall? Here are some tips you can implement.

Double Up Your Moisturizer

A lighter, oil-free moisturizer is perfect for the spring and summer, but just like you need heavier clothing for the fall and winter, the same applies to moisturizers. To keep your skin healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons, beef up your moisturizer. You may want to aim to use a heavier cream made of ceramides which act like healthy fatty acids that naturally develop in the skin. During the colder months, your skin needs more of these acids, which will supply your body with exactly what it needs.

Add Body Lotion

Once the humidity from the summer begins to wind down, your skin may start to feel a bit itchy and dry since there will be way less moisture in the air to help keep you hydrated. The easiest and most effective way to stop any itching is to hydrate from head to toe. Moisturizer can provide your skin with a protective barrier that covers it and enables it to retain moisture and draw hydration to the outer layer.

Reduce Exfoliation

Cold weather also means it is time to cut back on how many exfoliation ingredients you use on your skin, such as retinoids and glycolic. Instead of using your regular exfoliation routine, you may want to try glycolic treatment pads or even a mask once a week to help eliminate any discoloration resulting from your fading summer tan.

Add a Supplement

The start of fall is the perfect time to focus on repairing and renewing your skin from the summer sun and humidity. The antioxidants you once had in your skin can go away with all the exposure you have received during the summer. The best way to restore hydration is by taking an internal liquid supplement.

Purchase a Humidifier

One of the best and easiest ways to negate the dry air produced by heaters is to purchase a humidifier for use at home. Make sure you turn it on at the same time as the heat, so you can provide your skin with some protection from the dry air at home. The bedroom also makes the best room to place a humidifier, since this is where you will probably spend the most time.