How to Rejuvenate the Skin at Home and at the Spa

Rejuvenating the skin can take on various types of forms and treatments depending on age, level of intensity, and desired results. If your skin has been damaged by sun exposure, an underlying health issue, or typical signs of aging, then you’re eligible to take care freshening up your skin.

Various treatments have different levels of intensity. Some mild treatments don’t compare to a facelift, while other treatments only focus on specific areas. While there are several procedures for skin rejuvenation, for the sake of Spa’mazing’s offerings in Gilbert, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ, we’ll discuss chemical peels, microneedling, and at-home care.

Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are treatments that take away old and deteriorated layers of skin to resurface from the inside out. Outer layers peel away to reveal a fresh layer. Skin will be smoother and softer. They can tighten, tone, and brighten your complexion, depending on what you’re going for. If you’d like to focus on discoloration, aging spots, acne scars, or blotchiness, peels can also take care of that as well. 

Types of chemical peels include:  

  • Light chemical peels: A mild peel, these treatments use softer solutions like alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, or fruit enzymes that tackle only the superficial layers of the skin.
  • Deep chemical peels: These are more powerful peels that go deeper into the skin’s layers. These treatments can be painful and therefore require topical anesthesia.


Microneedling is all the rage now that we know how well it does at stimulating collagen and elastin production. The result of this stimulation is cleaner, healthier, taut skin. Substances like hyaluronic acid or ascorbic acid are applied before or after treatment to cause a greater effect on the skin. The aesthetic professionals here at Spa’mazing will then use a device with sharp, small needles that gently prick the skin. Minimal downtime and virtually pain-free, this is a great option for those with scarring and discoloration as well.

At-Home Treatments

When you’re not at Spa’mazing, your skin care journey doesn’t stop. There are solutions to at-home care and treatment. For example, at-home peels and masks are great alternatives to more powerful procedures. They just have lower concentrations of the same ingredients you’d receive from us. If you’re interested in certain products like laser, LED light, and microneedling rollers, those are available as well, but be prepared that your results may not be as obvious if you were to come into our spa directly and work with a professional.

There are risks to at-home treatments to keep the skin rejuvenated. Even though it is more cost-effective, you could lose more money down the line if unfortunately, something goes wrong or you experience negative side effects. Read all the risks before going ahead with a product.

If you’re not up for purchasing such types of products, you can make easy lifestyle changes that will help refresh the skin. These include wearing sunscreen and getting more sleep nightly. Use facial masks with green tea and lemon to truly provide a great boost of healthy acids and enzymes to rejuvenate the skin.