Anti-Aging Facial Services in Scottsdale, AZ

In the game of life, time is undefeated. But just because you can’t beat time doesn’t mean you need to show your age! Let Spa’ Mazing Beauty and Wellness rejuvenate your skin with an anti-aging facial that restores a youthful glow and stunning appearance. We help our Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ clients turn back the clock by erasing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and more. Come explore the powerful effects of our anti-aging facial services!

Anti-Aging Facial Services

How an Anti-Aging Facial Works

Anti-aging facial services involve a multi-step process that hydrates and revitalizes skin. First, an ultrasound treatment relaxes tight muscles, while using radio frequency to boost collagen production. Once the skin is prepped, an aesthetician uses dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells to leave it smooth, supple and vibrant. Dermaplaning also boosts the effects of skin care products and allows for a smoother application of makeup!

Anti-aging Facial with LightStim Light Therapy

We also conduct anti-aging facials using LightStim LED light therapy. LightStim LED light therapy helps skin recover from damage, while also enhancing the health of skin cells to protect against future damage. Our technicians carefully apply concentrated light to problem areas of your skin to deliver amazing benefits. And, even after the treatment, you’ll experience skin that offers greater absorption of serums, reduced redness and inflammation, and a natural glow.

The Benefits of Anti-Aging Facial Services

If the years are beginning to show on your face, it’s time to turn back the clock. Come and see why Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ residents rave about our anti-aging facials and the many benefits that come with them. Our anti-aging facial services include:

  • Deep cleansing properties
  • Natural fruit enzyme masque
  • Microdermabrasion and hydra-solution
  • Balancing gel masque
  • Radio frequency and ultrasound skin tightening
  • Anti-oxidant serum, bio-peptide cream and sunscreen
Anti-Aging Facial Services

Schedule Anti-Aging Facial Services

At Spa’ Mazing Beauty and Wellness, we know it’s impossible to stop the aging process—but we’re pretty good at reducing the number of years that show on your face!

Contact us today at 480-488-1065 to learn more about our anti-aging facials, organic skin peels, and cyro facials and how they can instantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and create a healthier skin tone for you.

New Service: Brow Sculpting

  • Modern Brow $20- shape/reshape, and define your brows with a trim, wax, tweeze, and finished off with a little bit of color to make them pop!
  • Brow Ink $30- Our brow ink service enhance your natural color to bring out your gorgeous arches!
  • Brow’Mazing $55- Shape, define, and tint your brows to bring them back to life!
  • Brow-WOW 185- Tint, shape/reshape, and laminate your brows with this 3-in-1 must-have service!