Diode Laser Sculpting in Scottsdale, AZ

Diode laser sculpting is one of our most popular fat reduction procedures at Spa’ Mazing Beauty and Wellness. We work with so many Scottsdale and Gilbert residents who’ve worked hard dieting and exercising, but who just can’t see to get rid of fat in problematic areas. We recommend diode laser sculpting as a way to target these areas and give you the ideal image you’re striving for.

How Does Diode Laser Sculpting Work?

Diode laser sculpting services remove fat from the abdomen, thighs, waist, buttocks, legs and arms using laser energy. During sessions of about 25 minutes, applicators equipped with laser diodes are placed directly onto the skin. The laser energy penetrates fat cells, puncturing their membranes to release stored fatty acids, glycerol and water into the body. The fat cells shrink, creating a noticeable reduction in bloating, fatty areas and inches around your waistline! All those excess fat cells are safely flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

Requirements for laser sculpting

  • You must be within 25 pounds of your ideal weight
  • Focused on problem areas, as opposed to total-body weight loss
  • Good health and good skin elasticity are requirements

The Benefits of Diode Laser Sculpting Services

More and more people are choosing our diode laser sculpting services in Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ to help them shed those last few pesky pounds! Here’s a look at some of the many benefits that make this such a popular treatment:

  • Reduces unwanted fat cells without surgery
  • Fat reduction involves no pain or downtime
  • Capable of targeting specific problem areas
  • No chemicals involved in fat reduction
  • Sessions take less than 30 minutes to complete
Diode Laser Sculpting

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At Spa’ Mazing Beauty and Wellness, we know how difficult and disheartening it can be to lose those last few pounds—or to work hard and not see the results you want because of a few problem areas. If you’re struggling and need a helping hand to meet your goal, chat with us about diode laser sculpting services.

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