February 27, 2022 Daniel Perez

2022-03-02 | 17:30:29

"The best Spa I've ever been at, Jessica and the rest of the staff are the best. Place is very clean and everyone is friendly"
February 12, 2022 Lily Fultz

2022-03-02 | 17:30:23

"Very helpful, accommodating and nice personnel and sooo relaxing. Would like to return in the future."
January 13, 2022 Jose Pienknagura

2022-03-02 | 17:30:35

"Extraordinary service kind people true refills in two words try it."
January 12, 2022 Emily Gallagher

2022-03-02 | 17:30:45

"Cassie was amazing, and very professional. She informed me thoroughly how the treatment would work and did an appropriate assessment of my goals, in addition to discussing the expectations. I have purchased a series and am excited to see the results."
October 4, 2021 Sandra Watkinson

"Great spa, products are exceptional. Recommend the thermal lift. Jessica and staff are knowledgeable and provide great service. Buy the packages you will be amazed by the results."
October 4, 2021 Beth Vander Schaaf

"I am in treatment with two different services with this spa and have been a client since the summer months. I would highly recommend their services! I especially wanted to try the LightStim LED Bed for my daughter, my initial investment was 3 treatments with the bed, I think it helped with the soreness I can sometimes feel associated with my profession. I was impressed with how quickly I could feel the results."