Stem Cell Microneedling Services in Arizona

Stem Cell Growth Factor MicroNeedling
With Free Aftercare Home Kit! 

Microneedling is all about causing micro wounds in the skin that’s going to cause a contraction of the collagen and elastin and the micro wound healing process, so patients are going to get a tighter and lifted skin. Microneedling can also be used to treat different types of scars. 

When we do microneedling, little micro-channels are created which go down into the skin. This means that any products that we put on the skin will penetrate deeper and produce amazing results because we are getting down to the base layers of the skin…so our active products can do their work. Pair microneedling with the stem cell growth factor from Anteage, and there will be a faster healing post treatment, less downtime, better recovery experience, and more overall effectiveness. 

Before your microneedling treatment, we use numbing cream to help you to relax. Your treatment is completely painless. With our microneedling, there’s very little downtime. You may have some flaking of the skin over the next three to five days, but you should be able to go about your normal daily activities right away after the treatment! Best to avoid sauna, steam room and gym for 48 hours.  

Spa’Mazing uses microneedling to treat a range of different skin conditions including:

sun damaged, pigmentation/discoloration, and scarring. And microneedling can rejuvenate your skin. The Anteage stem cell growth factor works immediately to boost and accelerate the effects of microneedling. Spa’Mazing will completely customize dermal needling treatment with stem cell for your skin type. 

Now we are offering a Free Aftercare Home Kit with our stem cell microneedling. Don’t miss out on your chance!